How Low Will You Go?

by Michelle on May 11, 2013

Clean eating people are like Science fiction to me. That is not a criticism of clean eating. I have no doubt that I would benefit from adopting a clean eating life style.

I’m still pretty far from that as just last night I actually at a package of those little sausage biscuits that come in twos. The buns were kind of slimy. ..I made them healthier by adding blackberry jelly.

My mother would never eat those. Middle sister and baby sister wouldn’t eat them. My older son would and so would my baby boy. My girls would eat them. I bet Randy or Joey would eat them RIGHT now if they could. But they can’t. Cause I just ate the last ones.

Fuck you, I’m not perfect.

I know not ALL of us have dirty little secrets when it comes to eating. But I also know that SOME of you do. Come on. You KNOW you do.

For instance, in addition to eating a packet of those little sausage biscuits, I would also eat the shit out of day-glo mac and cheese with tuna mixed in. It’s been years since I’ve eaten that.bread

I am totally making that this weekend.

I would turn my nose up at a bologna sandwich. I wouldn’t even eat those when I was a kid. I’d eat a cold hotdog right out of the fridge, but wouldn’t eat bologna. Unless is was fried first. Then on white bread with mustard is acceptable. On the other hand, I wouldn’t turn down that jello with carrots and celery in it.

Fess up..what food do you eat that you’d just as soon not pack in a lunch that the public could see. Like Mayonnaise and sugar bread. Only that isn’t right, is it? Sugar bread is made with butter and mayo bread is just mayo and bread.

Not that my mother fed me those for lunch for years.


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Jess Roten May 11, 2013 at 6:55 pm

Salsa Doritos and cottage cheese; butter, fresh bread and sugar; red koolaid; ruffles and pickles; bread, mayo and a slice of cheese. Wow, what memories. Now I’m hungry.


Tonyne May 12, 2013 at 7:54 am

Corn Flakes with cheese (either crushed and rolled up in a slice of cheese or shredded cheese melted over them in the microwave – but not milk of course because that would be GROSS.

Bologna, cheese and potato chip sandwiches (the potato chips smashed inside the sandwich)

Grilled cheese with pickles in the middle (this I will order ONLY at Sonic)


Lauri Rottmayer May 12, 2013 at 9:50 am

I absolutely HATE that I love hot dogs. I never fed them (or the day glow Mac & Cheese for that matter) to our kids but every once in a while, David will say, “Let’s get some hot dogs!”. And I go along. Because we’re five. Just like when we have snacks for dinner. LOL! But, please, don’t tell our kids. ;-)


Lisa May 13, 2013 at 10:56 am

When my mom was in the hospital having my brother, I distinctly remember my dad cooking me fried bologna sandwiches or peanut butter and mayo sandwiches. VILE!


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