Saturday Nights Are For Armadillo Eggs & Tequila

by Michelle on February 5, 2011

You might recall Homesick Texan’s Armadillo Egg recipe I posted on Twitter yesterday. Or, maybe not.

Regardless, we decided Saturday night’s alright for trying new things. I did state on Twitter that I would be eating these this weekend.

Hell, drink enough alcohol and anything can taste good, so why not?

After a little jalapeño gutting, cream cheese mixing, and spicy sausage rolling, we were on our way.

20 minutes later and life, I mean the armadillo eggs, looked promising.

Well…the Armadillo Eggs turned out fantastic. Nice and spicy which turned out to be an excellent tequila counterpoint. The cream cheese filling was a tasty surprise.

My husband made his own version by adding habañero powder and fresh serrano peppers. He dubbed them Atomic Armadillo Eggs.

He thinks he’s cute that way.

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